Thursday, July 14, 2011

Multiculturalism Fails Everyone - Including Muslims

Vox populi on the "mosquofeteria" in a Toronto Public school. (H/t Marginalized Action Dinosaur.)
Some comments are quite controversial: "we're going to have to recognize an invasion for what it is", "we are frogs being boiled alive" and even "I just want them out of my country"... (Oh, that's going to earn the radio station a "human rights" complaint...) At the end there's a great comment about social engineering that strips Canada of its heritage... I can't believe a radio show like that actually went on the air. Looks like the people are really getting tired of all that multicultural utopia.

Even when it comes to the comments from the other side (yes, there are some too,) the message is clear that there is a serious problem with Canada's multiculturalism policy in its current form. A Muslim man who spoke in defense of the improvised mosque in the public school, suggested that it's all about being persistent: "They asked for it and they were given it, you can't blame us for asking...", he kept reiterating, insisting that, instead of blaming others for standing up for their rights, Christians should blame themselves for forfeiting theirs: "You don't ask for your own rights, that's the problem"...

And yes, that is the problem - we've got used to the status quo so much, that we take this exclusion of our culture and our Christian heritage for granted. We know that there's no chance a court or a human rights commission would ever uphold our rights and our freedoms; that, if anything, it will be us being forced to make even more concessions for the sake of "reasonable" accommodation of various special interest groups... We know this, and we've got used to it. Too bad Lowell Green failed to acknowledge that problem, choosing instead to argue that prayers in public schools is nobody's right, "because the court said so back in the '80s". (Which resulted in nothing but him losing patience with the caller.)

Another commenter suggested that we shouldn't blame Muslim immigrants; that it's not them who bring these radical views to Canada, but their children who turn to the radical Islam "in search of identity". Again, these few words point to a serious problem - that Canada's multiculturalism fails to present any identity worthy of adopting not just to the newcomers, but also to their children - including those that were actually born in Canada. That stripping Canadians of their identity, culture and heritage in an attempt to accommodate every minority group there is, left nothing but a spiritual void, compelling younger generation to seek identity in their parents' home countries. In other words - that multiculturalism ended up failing everyone - including the very people it was supposed to accommodate.

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Anonymous said...

A great point. Lately I've been firing back at leftist who attack my faith by correctly labeling them as the anti-Christian bigots that they are. It's remarkable how stunned they become.