Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Can't We Have Lawmakers Like That?

Just a few quotes from the abortion debate that took place in the lower house of Poland’s parliament:
MP (Mr) Wojciech Kossakowski, Law and Justice party:
‘I cannot understand what motivates parliamentarians and all others who agree to the modern day slaughter of the innocents. In 2009 over 500 children were killed in Polish hospitals. How monstrously egotistical, devoid of the smallest drop of humanity, you have to be to agree to murder under the auspices of law. It’s not about belonging to any party, religion or anything else. It’s about being human.
MP (Mr) Jan Dziedziczak, Law and Justice party:
‘A disabled voter approached me to support this initiative. He argued that the current law considers the disabled and people conceived in rape as second category citizens. How else can we treat the disabled and the people conceived in rape living around us, if we think that at some stage in their life, they can be killed if this is more comfortable? Such laws discriminate against the disabled and discriminate against those conceived in rape. We have to change that as soon as possible.’
MP (Mr) Bolesław Piecha (former health minister, abortion-performing doctor turned pro-lifer; Law and Justice Party):
‘Arguing for the sanctity of human life is very difficult, especially since some parliamentarians on the left side of this Chamber hold views close to those of professor Peter Singer, a well-known utilitarian, who claims that a child can be killed up to 28 days after birth without consequences.’
‘There is a philosopher in Europe, a recognized guru of the mainstream, progressive part of society, Mr. Jurgen Habermas. He says that there is something like the sanctity of life, and that human life is a good, or a value, which is not subject to any regulations - it is an ungovernable value, it is not subject to anybody’s choice for or against, whether to abort, or not. A well-known bioethics professor Dworkin, very far from Catholic views himself, also thinks that human life is sacred and should be protected.’
Notice that they talk about 500 children a year dying from abortions. Here in Canada - it's about 100,000 a year being slaughtered before they get a chance to see daylight, because of the legal vacuum that Canada has on abortion. And yet we still can't look forward for a civilized fetal rights debate in the Parliament - in spite of the Conservative majority.

When are we finally going to follow Poland's path to common sense?

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