Saturday, July 16, 2011

Videos: Discussing Graphic Images

Brian Lilley interviews Alissa Golob on Byline, discussing the use of graphic images as a way to show the truth about abortion:

Obviously I don't agree with Brian's analogy, that if you're ok with graphic images, you shouldn't oppose sexually explicit images or public nudity. These are certainly not the same thing and I doubt it would be so difficult to notice the difference between just showing graphic images for the fun of it and raising awareness of the harmful consequences of one's choice. Alissa brought a few great examples to explain just that.

Most of the controversy is not about these images being "gross". It's about personal involvement, about being reminded that there could be bitter consequences to "having fun", about being called to sacrifice personal convenience to do what's right and let the baby live... Of course, there are many out there unwilling to accept that message.

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