Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pro-Abort Jackboot Exposed. Photo Deletion By Constable Kravchenko Hits Prime Time

In case you didn't follow the story - back in late December of 2010, during the arrest of Mary Wagner, a Toronto police officer seized the witness' camera and deleted the videos. When asked by the camera owner to disclose his name and the badge number, he cowardly stormed away.
The videos were not incriminating but simply would have made the police look bad as they depicted the “big, burly” officers dragging the petite and peaceful pro-life witness along the road towards the police car, said Golob.

“I hold a great regard for the Toronto Police Service, so the blatant lies exuding from the testimonies given by the two policemen at the scene of the crime is very disheartening and only adds to the growing dissatisfaction of Torontonians by these so-called ‘law enforcers’,” said Golob. “This is not the first time injustice has been done to a law-abiding citizen because of their pro-life stance and it probably won’t be the last.”
Later, in response to an official complaint, Constable Kravchenko claimed that this was an accident, that he merely pressed the wrong button or two while trying "to ensure that it was a camera and not a weapon disguised as a camera"... Well, here's a video that Constable Yevgen Kravchenko won't be able to delete:

Too bad the officer's name is not mentioned. It would be great if it not just his deeds but his name (which is, again, Yevgen Kravchenko,) too was made known from coast to coast. What Constable Kravchenko did was cowardly and dishonest. I see no reason why viewers shouldn't be told that it was Constable Yevgen Kravchenko who did that.

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