Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun News Network Stands Up To Intimidation From The Left

Finally, the TV network doesn't force a journalist to apologize for asking straightforward questions, but stand up for freedom of speech in spite of a massive campaign of intimidation and censorship waged by its opponents from the left:
OTTAWA - Sun News Network won't roll over in the face of an orchestrated campaign to silence its style of journalism and will continue to take on controversial subjects some deem to be off limits.

In a written response Friday to an unprecedented number of complaints to the broadcast watchdog over an interview between Sun News host Krista Erickson and dancer Margie Gillis over government funding of artists, the network submits the exchange did not violate guidelines or codes.

"It is part of the mandate of Sun News to explore topics and issues that have not been fully explored in other media, including other broadcasters," Tycho Manson, director of legal affairs for Quebecor Media Inc. writes in a letter to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

"It is also part of the mandate of Sun News to explore such topics and issues in a thought-provoking, fearless and hard-hitting way."
And here's a great comment by Ezra Levant:
Some of the facts (such as - the secrecy of the CBSC trials) better be addressed. Hopefully, in light of the scandal, we may finally see some action from our lawmakers.

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