Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video: Linda Gibbons Arrested For Peaceful Pro-Life Witness

The police may be reluctant to arrest a violent thug for punching an innocent bystander in the face, but they're always ready to step in and arrest a peaceful pro-life witness for being to close to an abortion mill:
Linda arrived at the Morgentaler Clinic at 8:55 a.m. Thursday morning. She had never attempted her counseling and protest at this particular location before. Here the injunction restricts any pro-life activity to a minimum distance of 500 feet from the abortion facility. That makes it impossible for any sidewalk counselors to offer alternative information or assistance to the women without risking certain arrest and severe penalties.

An abortuary staff woman soon came out and warned Linda to leave. At 9:15 a large, intimidating security guard arrived and posted himself at the non-descript baby-killing center entrance. At 9:30 two police arrived on bikes and a third, a woman officer, soon joined them. They consulted with abortion center staff, were given a copy of the injunction and consulted with each other over this mysterious document.

They took turns talking to Linda, finding out what she was doing and why, and trying to convince her to leave. They were notably professional and respectful in going about their business.

At 10:25 the police supervisor arrived in a cruiser to direct the officers who seemed unsure about what to do. This was all taking much longer than it usually does at the Scott abortuary on Harbord St. where Linda experienced all her previous arrests.
Here's the video of Linda's arrest. Yes, it took 6 police officers and 2 sheriffs.
You’ll notice at the 4:53 mark that they even stripped the little pro-life baby pin that she was wearing. Shades of Our Lord before the Roman guards, no?

What a paranoid and sick culture we live in to stop the peaceful demonstration by a grandmother who once was the victim of abortion herself.

So apparently, there’s “choice” for women to kill, but not so much choice for women who choose to peacefully protest that killing.

So, it’s back to jail for Linda.
So far, Linda has spent over 8 years behind bars for nothing more than peaceful prayers and sidewalk counseling on the public property outside of the abortion facilities. Think about it - what kind of a crime one would have to commit to be sentenced to more than 8 years? Except, of course, a thought crime...

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