Friday, September 9, 2011

Free Speech On Campus

John Carpay from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms discusses freedom of speech on university campuses with Ezra Levant:
What was supposed to be the marketplace of ideas, has been monopolized by the extreme left to such extent that many university officials sincerely believe that speech restrictions which they impose on campuses, supersede the Charter. University campuses are the place where the Berlin wall is still standing.

And here's another reason not to bother with university education:
A widely published American study recently indicated that most students, tested at different times in their lives, do not improve their capacity to think by attending university. In other words, post-secondary education fails to do its main job, more often than not.

A dreadful accusation, but probably true.

No one argues that Canadian universities perform this task any better. Nevertheless, that’s precisely the kind of question that the scholars who wrote “Retooling the Humanities” prefer to ignore. So far as we can tell, they neither know nor care about the effect of their teaching on undergraduates. It’s apparently the last thing on their mind.
Why would they care about improving students' capacity to think? So that there would be more students insisting on their constitutional right to disagree with the ultra-left mob on campuses?

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