Monday, September 26, 2011

Petition: Stop Corrupting Children

Basically, this flyer, that features quotes from the Toronto District School Board "human rights education" curriculum, as well as its official policy statements, says it all: Parents have no right to withdraw their children from these lectures that promote perverse "pride" and "gender-bending" to 8 year-olds and, obviously, there's no accommodation for the teachers that find this sort of "curriculum" objectionable. Please make a stand for parental rights, sign the petition. And if you happen to live in Ontario - make sure you don't vote for the internazi-sozi thugs who've forced this perverse curriculum on Ontario children.


common sense said...

If this is taught at my child's school I WILL take my child of of class and probably indefinitely and NO ONE will stop me BELEIVE ME the government does not own and never will own my child.

rose.white said...

This is terrible. Thank God my children are grown and out of school. I am shocked at the child abuse that goes on in Canada and then all over the world. Here we abuse them with the wrong kind of sex education and elsewhere in the world, we put a cross round a child's neck in exchange for a little bit of food and clothing. Everytime a child is violated and I am shocked at Canadians. There are canadian organizations and missionaries who go out and burden a poor hindu child with the religion of christianity which is riddled with criminal activity. Taking away a child's voice and rights to be what he was before christianity pushes in to westernize their lives, is a crime. I am shocked at the behaviour of canadians towards little children who do not have a voice and are being manipulated into either sex and gender classification or religious conversions. Shame on you Canadians.