Sunday, September 25, 2011

Public Education - Just Another Word For Sexual Propaganda?

The research, done by Lou Iacobelli, the author of the Every Day For Life Canada blog, just confirms the obvious:
What is happening to public education is truly frightening. If you visit any school board web site in Ontario you may be surprised to find that the major educational problems in the province and the rest of Canada are homophobia and bullying based on sexual orientation. In Ontario alone, millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to develop and to implement the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy. However, as a parent, when I attended consultations meeting on the Equity policy for Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) we were told something entirely different.
In the past, the average parent has trusted the educational system, but things have dramatically changed to the point that boards will blatantly defy parental rights and abuse children's innocence. Parents have intentionally been uninformed. Let me go on to demonstrate the liberties the Toronto public board has taken in developing curriculum topics. Presently you find, in the TDSB website the yearly planner. It lists all the pro-homosexual days like Pride Week, planned for June 22, 2012. I would encourage parents to visit the site to see what is now considered education this coming school year. Can the TCDSB be far behind?
Remember that Bill 157 was made law even before the Equity policy was totally approved by all school boards. So there's a clear government agenda to mislead parents to justify what we now see in board planners: an explicit sexual attack on children, moral values and parental rights. If parents believed they could trust the school boards and the government that pays them to do what's right for their children, the implementation of the Equity policy should now have shattered that myth. The policy's very name hides the sexual propaganda about homosexuality, the desecration of the dignity of the human person and the right parents have to be the primary educators of their children's morality.
Here's the list of "days of significance" which are promoted by the Toronto District School Board. And here's what it looks like in a Catholic school. Concerned parents have set up a legal defense fund to fight for parental rights in education - please consider contributing.

And, of course, remember - it's always worth considering independent education for our children. That's so far is the best and the most reliable way to save our children from abuse. Because even if the legal action succeeds, this perverse curriculum is still not going to be abolished overnight.

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