Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Act Now To Stop Euthanasia Before It’s Too Late

An urgent appeal by the Campaign Life Coalition:
On November 14th, the Supreme Court of British Columbia began hearing the Carter vs. Attorney General of Canada case. The suit was launched by the BC Civil Liberties Association on behalf of the family of Kay Carter, who died by assisted suicide at the Swiss Dignitas suicide center in January 2010, claiming that Canada’s provisions against euthanasia and assisted suicide are unconstitutional since they violate the “right” to die.

“Let me be clear. When we say ‘euthanasia’ and ‘assisted suicide’ we are not talking about pulling the plug on someone who is being kept alive artificially, with no hope of recovery,” Hughes explained.

“When you hear the terms ‘euthanasia’ and ‘assisted suicide’, we are talking about lethally injecting people. Legalizing euthanasia will empower doctors to kill their patients. That is, to murder them.”
Here's a video that shows how the legalization of euthanasia & assisted suicide in some European countries has led to killing the elderly without consent and to the euthanasia of children.
Is this the future we want for Canada? It's time to speak up. Sign this petition to the Attorney General of Canada or contact Mr. Rob Nicholson directly by email ( or by phone at 613-995-1547, urging him to make the strongest possible opposition to the legalization of euthanasia and/or assisted suicide in Canada.


Servant of Truth said...

Parliament needs to pass a bill that limits the courts to enforcing laws that exist. The courts are far too powerful and easily controlled by special interests.

Servant of Truth said...

The courts should not have the power to overrule parliament. that is far too much power too easily and frequently abused.