Friday, December 2, 2011

The Common Sense Alternative To Kyoto

Check out this video: Lorrie Goldstein presents his top ten ways to protect the environment while respecting freedom. These are real solutions, as opposed to carbon credit scams (which amount to nothing but paying some other country or business to take the blame for your emissions) and there's much more common sense in them, than in imposed scarcity, proposed by the mainstream environmentalists.

And of course, one of these common sense proposals is to dump Kyoto:
This annual opposition/environmental activist allegation that Canada, responsible for 2% of global emissions (the oil sands account for one/tenth of 1%) is the key to success or failure of Kyoto and efforts to save the planet from runaway climate change, is absurd.

Kyoto failed not because Canada didn't meet its emission targets.

It failed because it didn't require the vast majority of the world's nations - including China and the U.S. which are responsible for a combined 40% of global emissions - to reduce their emissions at all.

Canada failed to meet its Kyoto targets because the Liberals under Jean Chretien recklessly signed us up for them, without having any idea of the huge economic hit it would mean for a big, cold, northern, sparsely populated, oil and natural gas producing nation like Canada.
An important flaw of Kyoto, which is rarely mentioned, is that it doesn't take into account population changes. Since 1990, Canada's population went up from 26 million to over 34. Reducing nation's emissions to 94% of where they were back when Canada's population stood at 26 million, would therefore require more than 30% cut in per capita emissions - which is impossible to achieve even if Kyoto is extended for 20 more years.

Moreover - some 5 million immigrants came to Canada during these 20 years; most of them - from the countries that are considered to have achieved their Kyoto target and therefore could sell their "emission credits" to Canada. Does Kyoto protocol credits Canada in any way for resettling all these people on its territory? What do you think? And that's another reason to dump Kyoto.

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