Monday, November 28, 2011

Homosexual Activist To Sun News: Accept Our Censorship - Or Else

They are quite upset with the Sun News Network agreeing to run the Stop corrupting our children ad:

Basically, they want to compel Sun News to do everything that the National Post did voluntarily: to find the one responsible for running the ad (and deal with him appropriately,) to stop accepting any more ads from the organization dared to speak out against homosexualist indoctrination in schools, to donate the proceeds to a "charitable" organization that promotes perverse lifestyles, to undergo "sensitivity" training, to provide free ad space in compensation for the network's "misdeed"... Well, I'm glad to hear that, unlike the Post (which went as far as altering their apology to please militant perverts,) Sun News is determined to stand up for freedom of speech.
Diefenbaker said, “I am Canadian, free to speak without fear.”

I say we embrace Diefenbaker’s way, not the way of Michael Erickson and his ilk.
Well said, Brian Lilley! Way to go Sun News Network!

P.S. Here's the ad that caused the controversy:
Don't forget to sign the petition at Stop Corrupting Children .ca.

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