Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Conservative New Media Worth As Much As The Occupods?

Think about it:
Conservative Bloggers, despite their massive success at wrecking up the leftist narrative, are the chopped liver, ugly unwanted stepchildren, of the American right. What else could explain the stunning lack of support for the dextrosphere by the very people who directly benefit from the largely thankless work that Conservative Bloggers do every single day?

Datechguy explains that the #occupy mobs raked in tens of thousands of dollars from liberals, just so that they could squat in parks (often enjoying gourmet food, at least in NYC anyway) and publicly defecate while wailing about how unfair their lives are, but Conservative Bloggers (who exposed all the #occupy crimes and depravity that the media tried to bury) can barely pay their bills. Hell, I can't even buy a can of fricken coffee right now and traffic here is at an all time high!

Is conservative new media worth as much as the occupods?
Here's an awkward question. We don't have to go far for an example, just look at the Life Site News struggling to raise money that is needed to merely keep the website going. And it isn't any easier for professional journalists, who face extra challenges all the way from high school and college where being a Conservative - that alone means swimming against the current.

It's a tough choice - either to stay faithful to your convictions and remain a part-time blogger, practically, an amateur who's got nothing but evening and weekends left for his writing - or - to overstep your convictions just a little bit (start with playing devil's advocate and take it further) - and to become a respected professional journalist, reporter, writer... If it's the left that pays the piper - is it surprising that so many choose to play to the tune?

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Zilla/MJ said...

Thank you for linking my post! I hope that we'll see Conservative Bloggers get more support in the future.