Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Stage Of The War On Christmas

As Michael Coren reports in his Toronto Sun article, things have gone far beyond merely re-branding Christmas as a secular festival. Now, even Santa often faces exclusion, as christophobic fanatics seek to abolish even the cultural cosmetics of Christmas:
This is nothing compared to the school district in Forth Worth, Texas, that banned Santa from its premises, and disallowed Christmas celebrations, including the giving of presents by students.

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has steadfastly and proudly refused to call the decorated tree in the State Capitol a Christmas tree, and instead refers to it as a Holiday tree.
One thing to stress in all this is that it’s not always a case of expunging God, Jesus, and Christianity from December 25, but also eliminating Santa and Frosty.

So the attack on religion was joined long ago by an outright blitzkrieg against even the cultural cosmetics of Christmas. It’s partly anti-Christian, but also anti-western, and this should not be forgotten.

And it’s incredibly powerful.
In Soviet Union they re-branded the New Year's Eve to incorporate some of the Christmas traditions, including Christmas tree (which became the New Year's Tree) and Santa (Grandfather Frost) who brings presents. But even that would be way too European, too exclusive of other cultures for the self-hating zealots that seek to airbrush not just Christianity, but all memories of their nations' European heritage.

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