Saturday, December 17, 2011

PEI Stands Firm Against Pro-Abort Lobbying

So far, both major political parties are committed to keep abortion off the Island:
CHARLOTTETOWN, December 16, 2011 ( – The health minister of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, Doug Currie, has again told a newly formed pro-abortion group that is agitating for expansion of abortion services in Canada’s only abortion-free province, that the existing status quo will not be changed.
In November, Currie pledged to keep the province abortion-free, telling The Guardian newspaper, “Right now, I see no reason to veer off the current status. I see nothing changing and the status quo is in place and that’s my position on it right now.”

Prince Edward Island’s Opposition health critic, James Aylward, endorsed the government’s position as well, telling the media, “We are in agreement with the government that, at this time, their position on this issue is not changing.”
Obviously, the story doesn't end here. Hopefully the PEI government stays firm even in spite of a lawsuit or a "human rights" complaint, as the pro-aborts will most likely pursue legal action to get what they want.

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