Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Censorship From So Called "Student Unions"

Again, pro-life students are denied official club status on campus - this time, in Fredericton, NB. The official reason cited by the "student union" was lack of information. But, considering that one of the union councilors also happens to be an "escort" at the Morgentaler's abortuary, the real reason for rejection is quite obvious:
The pro-life students stated in their application that they were “committed to proclaiming, celebrating, and defending the dignity of all human beings from conception to natural death,” adding that their club would look to educating the “students and faculty of UNB and the public on current life issues, directing them to pro-life resources such as crisis pregnancy and post abortion counselling centres.”

However, Student Union council members criticized the pro-life group, calling their beliefs “controversial,” “touchy,” and “negative.”

“This group is negative and should not be recognized. Being an escort at the clinic and dealing with these groups on a weekly basis, I do not think they should have support because of the harassment on a weekly basis,” said Councillor Glenwright during the Student Union’s November 6th meeting.

Their application was stalled at that time until additional information could be provided.
And again there's a question not just about freedom of speech on campuses (which, as we've already learned, is barely existing,) but also about the freedom of association and whether or not it includes the right NOT to associate. Why should students be forced to be members of a union that marginalizes them? Not to mention that these so called "student unions" are in itself redundant entities, with no real purpose other than their own existence. Without the union, or, if the students could simply opt-out of membership and transfer their dues directly to their own club, they would be much better off.

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