Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hearing The Heartbeat

Check out this Life Site News article:
The heartbeat I will hear resounds from a heart that began forming two or three weeks after conception. By the fifth week it started to beat and pump blood through much of the body. When we hear it, twenty weeks into Cindy’s pregnancy, his or her tiny heart will beat at roughly twice the rate of my wife’s – a rate that was jarring and even frightening when I first heard Joseph’s heart beat five years ago. I remember tears welling up in my eyes as I wondered aloud, how could something so tiny and so young beat so quickly, with such strength, and so perfectly?

I’d been dwelling upon this sound and these memories when I encountered the opening remarks from Ann Furedi at the “Battle of Ideas” meeting in the United Kingdom. Furedi, CEO of the largest abortion provider in the UK, stated, “I accept that abortion stops a beating heart and I accept that abortion ends a potential human life, even in the very earliest weeks of pregnancy”
Furedi’s quote, however, uses the dehumanizing phrase often employed by supporters of abortion, “potential human life.” On the contrary, that which is in the womb is a human being in the embryonic or fetal stage and a human life with great potential.
Exactly. An unborn baby is not a "future child", but a child with the future. This is not a "potential life", but a life with potential.

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