Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Peace For Baby Jesus

Attacks on nativity scenes become more and more widespread. Not just the opposition to having nativity scenes on public display, but real attacks:
ST. CATHARINES, Ont. - It's become something of an annual tradition in the city.

For the third straight year, the nativity display on the front lawn of city hall has been vandalized. The statues of the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph were spray-painted red and a cardboard sign was left beside the display with the phrase, "Keep the state separate from religion" written on it.
Vandals have attacked the display several times over the last few years, damaging the statues of animals and wise men, and even stealing a baby Jesus statue.

McMullan said whoever is responsible has mistaken the display as an endorsement of a particular religion by the city. The holiday displays at city hall, which include displays for other religious festivals and a large Christmas tree, are meant to reflect the multicultural nature of the city, he said.
Judging from a similar attack that took place earlier in another Ontario town, even when a nativity scene is on private property (including church lawn) - that doesn't protect it from being vandalized. So it's not about using public property for a religious display. It's about public display of Christian faith, Christian traditions and Christian culture - that's what is being targeted nowadays.

If such an attack was carried out against a display, a parade or an exhibit of some other culture or lifestyle choice - this would be regarded as a "hate crime". But when it comes to Christianity - it's presumed that, being a religion of the majority, it can never be a target of "hate crimes" and therefore - doesn't need such protection.

If anything - the twisted logic of multiculturalism suggests that, for the sake of "equality", nation's founding religion, culture and heritage should be held back to make room for others. Vandalism against Christian displays as well hijacking of public spaces by "devout atheists" (with the sole purpose of keeping the nativity scenes out,) derive from the very same principles.

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