Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Government Schools Are A Cancer

Allan Hunsperger, a controversial Wildrose candidate in the past election, sure knew what he was talking about when he said that Christian educators can't partner with public education because public education is godless.
Dalton McGuinty and his caucus are fast-tracking this so-called "anti-bullying legislation" in the Ontario Legislature in order to have these policies put into place in all public and Catholic schools as of September, 2012, just a few short months from now. Similar legislation will be enacted in Alberta following the recent re-election of the Progressive Conservatives, and either has been or will be enacted in every province and territory of Canada in the very near future.

This is not anti-bullying legislation so much as it's an effort to silence those who do not affirm or celebrate homosexual behaviour. The wording of the legislation is extremely clear, those who adhere to biblical truth will be silenced, and mark our words, the Bible itself will inevitably be banned or reworded to reflect the humanistic faith of those who have been strongly pushing this agenda.

Christian parent, what fellowship hath light with darkness? Where in the Word of God will you find support, either direct or implied, for sending your children to be taught of those who despise Him and His Word? Are diplomas and degrees more important to you than the truths of God's Word?

We exhort you, remove your children from public schools and educate them at home or send them to a Christian school. Public schools are nothing more than indoctrination camps, teaching a false gospel, this legislation is proof positive of that.
(Christian Governance e-mail release)
There's more on that on the Christian Governance website. Judge for yourself if Allan Hunsperger was right.

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