Monday, August 31, 2009

Anthem-Banning Principal Wants An Apology

Erik Millett, now ex-principal of Belleisle Elementary School, did receive an apology and a $500 compensation from a frustrated parent who threatened to "beat him senseless". (The parent, Brad Howland, was given a conditional discharge and placed on probation for eight months.) Now, Millet demands an apology from his other critics, among them - another concerned parent, Susan Boyd and Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson:
Thompson criticized the anthem decision in an interview with the Telegraph-Journal in January. He told the newspaper Millett lacks sensitivity on some issues and embarrassed himself by curtailing the singing of the anthem.

Millett has given Thompson one week to apologize and said if he doesn't, he will call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to fire him.

If Thompson isn't fired, Millett said he will sue Thompson for defamation of character.

Thompson said he is standing by the comments he made in the newspaper story.

"I stand by everything I said in that story. Period," Thompson said after hearing of Millett's ultimatum Friday.

Millett also threatened to file a lawsuit against parent Susan Boyd unless he receives an apology from her within a week.

Boyd was one of the most vocal parents fighting for restoration of the daily playing of the anthem. She could not be reached for comment.
If anything - it's Millett himself who owes parents an apology - for trying to advance his radical left, internazi-green views in a taxpayer-funded institution, that was originally supposed to be about education, not about indoctrination.

Luckily - he's no longer the principal. But he's still teaching - in a high school. Somehow, there is a high school that still believes that a "green internationalist" who draws his political influences and inspiration from Che Guevera, Noam Chomsky and Malcolm X, can actually teach its students something decent.

Compare this to the story of a BC teacher, Chris Kempling, who lost his teaching license for merely running as a CHP candidate in a federal election. (Unlike Millet, Chris Kempling didn't try to advance his religious and political views in a public school, but the BC College of Teachers couldn't care less.) That shows how neutral and non-sectarian our public school system is, doesn't it?

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Patrick Ross said...

Millet is an idiot. I weap for the high schoolers he's apparently teaching, because I suspect they might wind up spelling that word just like that.